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“To me painting is to love. Loving life and its precious dance within.  To be one with everything and meet self in the natural rythm of a creative process.”

“Writing poetry is to dance with different steps and rhythms by the feelings and heart melodic accompaniment”

“Writing books is an expression that of ones own collected experience or intuitiv knowledge, can be a manifestation.  A way to share life philosophy, passion, experiences and insights.

“Creating dances, slideshow and performances is my way to integrate different art expressions to one single unity where all peaces together build something grater than the dance and that what our senses can perceive. A possibility to go beyond and strait into the heart. To unify in the cosmic dance with the stumbling and occasionally perfect steps, with which we all contribute.

“Life to me is an orchestra were every mankind contribute with their own ton to create a grand symphony. A painting were we all contribute with our own colours, feelings and atmosphere.  A book were everyone´s contribution is their characters, actions and events. A performance with eternity as the stage, were the roles are changed as life expand. A cosmic dance with the eternal energy and transformation of everything we meet and create in the quest about origin of life. A poetic fairy-tale were dreams materialized and being expressed in love, will contribute to peace and freedom. Here on this very Earth. With the vast space still within us.

This and more to be, are what my artistry is all about.

Daring to jump out into the unknown. Over and over again…

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