Born 1958 in Gothenburg and christened Eva Kristina Sundlin

Her parents came from Gothenburg and Bohuslan.

Summers were spent on the West Cost of Sweden. Where sun, light and the naked soft rocks became the place where she felt at home.  The contact with water, horizon and eternity in combination with science fiction and fairytales imprinted her inner world. Pictures from John Bauers paintings hanged earley in the nursery and countless tales about  gnomes, troll, elves and angels affirmed her fantasy and imagination.

Interest in the form and matter developed during countless hours with model clay, where dollhouse interior, small villages and families were build up. Clothes were sewn, knitted and crocheted to all little trolls and barbiedolls. Drawn, painted, cut and pasted as soon as she got a chans.

Creativity and the desire to create has followed her the entire life.

At the age of seven she began practice figure skating, ballet and  jazz dance and got to know the body, its movement and  limitations.

In these artforms the concentration was trained and the brain capacity through mental training and visual ability, at the same time as music and artistic freedom to express oneself, within the limits of the sport´s limitations, expanded in her life.

Music, rythmes and sounds, colors, forms and movement are still her life elixirs.

In connections with training and competition she early began to design her own clothes for these occasions.

As a person she was both shy and simultaneous outreaching. Began in the early teenage years writing poetry in secret to express herself to herself, processing emotional and try to understand the relation between people.

During her time at the gymnasium she studied economy and social focus. It awakened a desire to understand the human psyche and she supplemented by post-secondary studies in psychology.

In her late teens interest for Yoga, meditation an stillness awakened and has followed her ever since, one way or another.

In pace with development of life she tested different jobs and worked as a figure skating coach. Composed shows and performances on ice from own ideas, sold yarns, fabrics and went to night classes inter alia porcelain, pottery and basket painting.

A shorter training, at the Academy of Cutting, with pattern design followed.

Then Lennings textile technology institut, which included colour theory and sketching, to be able to show ideas of the clothes they designed themselves.

Interests spred further to weaving resulting in post-secondary education in Uddevalla gymnasium .

Another interests, anthroposophy, raised at the time she gave birth to her own children and she made dolls, Waldorf technic, and learned how to felting yarn.

After the years with small children, she reopened her studies in the psyche of humanity and developed consciousness. It led to self studies of quantum physics, astronomy and astrology. Adult education in oral and written performance, as well as a semester in english communication and spanish languages.

Education at Scandinavian college of leadership. Stress coach by internal mental training. Then Personal development in the art of healing and alternative medicin: Kinesiology, massage, phytotherapy and nutrition treatment, yoga, meditation and different healing methods including shaman tecniqes and coaching. Ran for a few years her own business and worked part time with adult education.  At that time she produced a CD together with the musician Rickard Åström. Relaxing and mental training in uniqe combination with music, reaching down to cell level. ” A Magic Journey”

After several car accident causing whiplash and on top of that a Lyme disease in the nervous system at the same time, she moved to Stockholm to support her daughters dance education and went to university studies in health psychology and behavioral science, in parallel with studies of shamanism in the context of world religions

2008 she finally sealed circle in connection with finding Vedic Art –  arts education and awareness development in a unique combination. A total tranquility appeared.

She was at home ! … In herself.

At last she found the explanatory model of how nature works in creation and with it the answers to the question of the process of life and meaning. How life works, 17 codes, keys or principles which step by step explains and leads. Where everyone can discover all, based on his/hers own experience.

Now she uses all her experience integrated in her art practice, when life allows.

Founded PUIA- Celebrating Life 2012

She paints, hold courses and teaching in Vedic Art and works as artistic director, motivator and coach. Expresses herself in art, poetry and intuitive storytelling with lyrics for both children and adults. Working with books, texts and photographs. Constantly testing new.  Just doing, and moving on cause she like it the way  Wayne W.Dyer put it

“Doing your very best all the time leaves no room for improvement”

Initiator of Vedic Art International Academy with the aim to educate people in several languages, with or without interpreter. Works both in Sweden and abroad. She has educated artists on Bali and New Zealand and joined their workshops. Batik in Thailand (Gee Douangjan), Chalkboard ni New Zealand (Leanne Addison) and expressionistic art and art therapy on Bali (Wayan Karja).

One of her dream project was realized in 2012, a multi – artistic project. She was artistic director and inspirer, together with her daughter also choreographer, rehearsal and dancer. They set up an arts and dance performance by young people. All based  on Gailas texts, poetry and paintings.

Gaila and her daughter compiled mix of music, performing arts, costumes and then created the dance of all dancers based on their inner abilities. The show ”Rainbow Reflektion” was performed in Lysekil culture week´s 5 year anniversary.

Two months earlier the doctor found out that she had pathological values of the pituitary gland, now another journey started, to become healthy again.

Documentation of the show is in progress, with film, books, gathered comments and description of the project, to be presented at a major lecture and new construction in dance and theater.

In 2013 she was elected as a VIP SvK, Swedish Artists, om the recommendation of Marcus Öhlander.

Started in august 2014 “PUIA – PeacePainting” A network where you paint for peace on 21 monthly.

Gaila hold lecture on various trips in her life. For example: “When life takes new paths”, “Vedic Art”, “Internal Magical Journeys”

Culture prominent together with musicians, both amateur and professional. Among others Rickard Åström (pro) and Melanie Sundlin (amateur)

Since 2009, she has worked to develop exhibition materials at the seven levels of being. Inspired by Eastern and Western training philosophy for body, mind and spirit. A series of texts, poetry, paintings and everyday objects, words of wisdom, books and educational materials.

Gailas oeuvre is an ongoing creative journey built on intuition, curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit.

2016 she seems to have overcome her health issues and is on her way in Life . The Journey of Experience.


“The day I met Vedic Art , creativity and creative power a totally new way of living started for me. With enthusiasm in heart and soul I went off on an old roll off wallpaper and I never wanted stop painting. The colors flowed and I had found home. The very same autumn I was invited to participate in an exhibition in Stockholm, Maria square.

Time following I continued with all the steps in the free art education ” Vedic Art” had to offer. Teacher training gave me the authority to supervise others and I later that spring had the privilege to go with the founder of vedic Art, Curt Källman, to Warszawa as his assistent. It was a trip of lots of laughter and several artistic and philosophical conversations. I rented a studio and painted around the clock. My journey as an artist had begun.

Here I am , somewhat surprised, happy and cheerful, a couple of years later, run cultural projects and events, exhibit my art, giving educations, writing poetry and my own texts. Stood for the ide and artistic direction in art- and dance performance. My life took the direction it was ment to, in a way I never could have imagined.

I am a freelancer, open to cooperation with companies, compounds, educational associations and private. Have a penchant for creative projects, integrated with personal development. I love giving courses and teacher training in Vedic Art.

My art is for sale, embellishment or leasing.

The paintings are painted in wild passion and still present. Created in the moment in which the ever ending curcumstance  for time and space seems ceased to exist.”