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Courses in Vedic Art.

Do you want to face your creative ability through color and shape?  Understand life while painting and drawing?
This methode suits everybody regardless knowledge or age. We paint without no one interferring, critizise nor comment.  You have everything inside of you that you need to accomplish this course. No one is telling you HOW to do, only WHAT you can do. You only have to face what is and walk your way to your heart, where to pic up and remember the knowledgement. In this class we get to know the force of natural creative laws. Then we put it in motion.

The author of Vedic Art is deceased artist Curt Källman. He was an artist, trained by Artschool of Gerlesborg and The Art Academy. He mixed easy classic arttraining with ancient Vedic knowledge about natures way of creating. The methode is build upon ancient storytelling tradition, with short lectures and talks, pedagogical structure of the principles of life, classic arttraining and time of your own. This makes it possible to find your unique expression, maybe even find your passion or life mission.  

At the courses you work with acrylic and bring your own material.
Something to paint on, as canvas on roll or stretched canvas, wood, stones….
Something to paint with, like all kind of brushes, sponges, scrapes …  🙂
Make it simple and bring what you find at home or look into the closest art or hobby shop.
Pic some colors you like. After first lesson you can buy more if you need.
Important is to bring ordinary paper or sketchpads and soft pencils.

Date and time for courses 2018


Noone planned for the rest of 2018, only on demand.

Masterclass “Back 2 Basic – a journey on the River of Art” 

This year we celebrate that Vedic Art was founded 30 years ago. I have been painting, writing stories, superviced and  had exhibitions the last 10 years, in Sweden and abroad and asked myself lite a lot about my comming years and my journey with those principles. How I will honour Curt Källman and his dedicated work and how to contribute the best way for continuing development and deeper understanding of the basic principles. Finally it was clear to me. A unity journey on the river of art over time.  As when it begun with Curt. In silence focusing on ” the seventeen” – the foundation and principles leading to Dharma. Our soul purpose.

This exciting project will start in september by painting one weekend a month. Toghether we will dive deep into each principle everytime we gather. You can join for the whole period of 15 months or drop in when its convenient if space is available. We end this journey in december  2019.

The name of the course is ”Back 2 Basic” and a deep journey in the principles Vedic Art is based on. We meet in Gothenburg or somewere in the area every second weekend every month and paint in deep awareness together. Share our experiences if wanted and notice what happens.  We might finish our journey on the River of Art making a small exhibition, planning, marketing, and show together. We then split the costs it might cause between us.

I will stick around as coach, inspiring, give lectures, show movies with Curt, read self written texts and fairy tails about the topics and principles, the founder, the foundation of Veda and the journey of creation. Sometimes a guest teacher might show up.  Cd, books and fairy tails are available for sale. My task as a project and course will be to arrange place, administration, give lectures and do some documentation to put it all together in a booklet or tiny book. Your task is to draw or paint and deepen the connection with Self.

The costo participate in this exciting project is only 9000 Sv Kr for all 15 weekends. If you prefer to participate occasionally you pay 1200 Sv Kr every weekend you show up. Companies pays VAT upon these prices.

i am looking for you who are devoted, love to draw or paint and during time want to contribute and travel together with a group into a deep, transformating journey ful of insights when meeting the basic principles of Vedic Art.

Dates:  8-9 september, 13-14 oktober, 10-11 november, 8-9 december 2019 : 12-13 january, 9-10 february, 9-10 mars, 13-14 april, 11-12 may, 8-9 june, 13-14 july, 10-11 august, 7-8 september, 12-13 oktober, 9-10 november, last weekend together summing things up in december.

Time: saturday and sunday  10.00 am- 4.00pm
a) All 15 weekends only 9 00 Euro. Spot garantied. Paid in advance. ( possible to divide the tranaction into several times)
b) If participate occasionally you pay 1 200:-/ each weekend. Pay on the spot. Reservation required.

Companies pays VAT upon these prices.
Sign up and further information, mailto:



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”In eternal love for life and art”// Gaila              ”We are painting with feets on the ground and brushes in heaven”//Curt Källman


TEACHERTRAINING  Vedic Art block A and B

Date: mail for info

Time: Thursdag 18-20, Fredag – Söndag 10.00-16.00

Costs: 900 Euro

Material: Notebook, pencils, some small painting and drawing material.

This will be an intensive weekend with a lot of information, talks, and some tasks.
Sign up and further information, mailto:




Drawing with cosmic points and the right hemisphere 

A newborn course in 2018 about discover shape and shapelessly in the world of sketching and drawing. Easy and cosmic drawing is natural and fun. One point lead to awareness, another towards shape. Cosmic points in awareness are aktivitet in the creative process. another. Easy steps where one form leads to another. Simply by you being aware, conscious, remaining here and now. All of a sudden you realize your possibilities of designing your own forms or patterns and are able to tell your story by sketching.  Create and embrace every shape and also be aware of how you want to live your life. You leave the left side of your brain in peace and walk straight into the right hemisphere where all kins of creativity explodes and expand in boundless freedom. In that state of mind you will be connected with the left and the right side of your brain to dance the perfect dance with cosmic law of attraction.

Is there a hangup ? YES, your might be “addicted” to sketching and drawing and have fun every single time of your own. Or might find a nye way in life, work, career, love, passion or even better health. On top of this … IF you also paint besides drawing, your artistry will develop and blossom. Thats how it works. Nothing to lose, everything to gain.

This course is developed by Gaila to activate the passion to draw. Find the power in drawing by some simple but inspiring tasks to integrate in daily life. An easy drawing course based on the laws of nature when it comes to creativity and creation. To let form grow into life without expectations nor demands. It continues several exercises from all the courses she studied and retrained herself.

No former knowledge required!

The course is divided on two weekends (two and a half day) or one week.
Weekends ( two )
185 euro /each weekend friday – sunday.  part 1 and part 2 One per weekend

Whole week
250 euro /daytime, måndag-friday.

Places and dates:
Belgien: 2018 part 1   2019 part 2
Sweden: Medevi Brunn and Gothenburg summetime 2019 one week monday – friday part 1 and 2  included.

Sign up and further information, mailto:



 SPACE & TIME  (jyotish & måleri – grund)

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“when space inside and outside becomes one” 

Come and paint your own sky of stars!!
Meditate, paint, lusten and watch pictures from cosmos, the birth of stars and space. A weekend where we put space in focus and dive into our outer and inner space. You will be given int´strutions how to paint your sky of stars the way it appeared the day you were born. We will get in contact with space within us in several deep meditations and paint while regarding space outside us.

From an ancient horoscop (jyotish) with includes both astrologi as well as astronomy, you will be aware about how planets and stars are a part of our lives. We will show the differences between western and Vedic Astrology.You will get a short, about ten minutes private consultation on that specific “house”which touches art and one simple talk about planets, stars and cosmic dance with energy.

Costs: 220 € All material included.

To bring paintingclothes that can stand to get some colors, notebook and a pen if you would like to take a note when given your jyotish – horoskop.

Payment : cash or swish

Previous knowledge: none

Place: Gohtenburg and surroundings

Time: Saturday -Sunday  kl 10.00 am -4.00 pm November 24-25

Registration have to contain:   NAME, dates of birth DAY, MONTH, YEAR, TIME, PLACE (city)

Mail the information to: AT THE LATEST 10 days before course is starting.
It will be the map for your painting and consultation.

Any questions about the course. Mailto 

It is a easy course to join and gives a deep memory for life, and you can bring these techniques for inner peace and space within you, as well as for your art of painting.  


Sincerly Welcome to share an inner and outer journey in Space and Time.  

// Gaila och Julia .