CV / Credentials


2016 Photo course on line. Shaw academy
2015 Art teacher, Rävlanda school class 6-9.
2014 Vedic Art Teacher training in Drawing without Boundaries : Maija Pitz-Kooponen/AAVA Vedic Art Academy, Finland
2013,- 2014 Vedic Art Teacher training in familypainting : Rinnie Crossler
2009-2015 Full- and parttime painting on her own. Exhibitions. Educating pupils and teacher training within different branches of Vedic Art: Basic, Continue, Deepening, Space and Jyotish, Name & Form, Drawing without Boundaries, Teaching blocks A&B.
2013 Vedic Art Drawing without Boundaries : Maija Pitz-Kooponen/AAVA Vedic Art Academy, Finland
2012 Astronomy  in the history of Art, Gotheborg University : Maria Sundin
2012 Vedic Art Teacher training Space & Jyotish : Johannes Källman & Varga Åskvigg
2012 Workshop Art therapy Bali : Wayan Karja
2012 Workshop Chalkboard Nya Zealand : Leanne Addisson
2012 Workshop Batik, Koh Lipe, Thailand : Gee Donoughan
2011 Swefi, Distance learning on line continue class.
2010 Vedic Art, Moksha cource : Johannes Källman Vedic Art Sverige
2010  Deepening cource for artists,structure painting, sales and marketing: Artist AnnKarina Vesterberg, Uppsala
2009 Vedic Art cources, Artha, Kama, Addition 18 o 19, Name & Form deepening, /Stockholm, Sommercamp, continue, expansion and deepening/ Öland, Teacher training Block A & B  and essential Drawing/Warsawa,: lärare Curt Källman, founder of Vedic Art
2008 Vedic Art Space course : Curt Källman, founder of Vedic Art
2008 Vedic Art Basic, name & form : Nelly Strömberg, Stockholm


personal developing: education. Kinesiology, massageteraphist, energy medicine, Photo therapy – and nutrition science, mentaltraining and stresscoach, Swedish language C, in public

Courses, studies of own: dance, yoga, meditation, intuitive writing University studies in health education- and behavioral medicine, shamanism under Religions of the world.
Jobb as a teacher in Figureskating : teaching skills, Music mixing for a competing, choreography of completing programs,  tävlingsprogram, demonstrations an show.
Founder of YtterbyKungälvs figureskatingklubb. -88

Training purshase textile: Lennings Textile Technology Institute – color theory, materials science,fashion drawing.
Secundary Adult Education 2 semesters: weaving education, material science, color and pattern composition
Academy of Cutters i semester : – pattern construction
Shorter courses in adult education : Porcelain painting, basket painting, felting, glass painting dressmaking, crocheting, knitting, yarn dyeing, Waldorf dolls, doll clothes sewing.