Welcome to my Studio. Its my workplace and showroom for my art.

My studio is located 10 min  walk from Gothia Towers and The amusement park Liseberg. Kristinehöjdsgatan 15 is the address.

Here I work with my pantings, have exhibitions and workshop. Open on demand and occasionally now and then, when in the studio working. Always feel free to have a look at my paintings, my poetry, my fairy tails,  or take a look in my foto and art books. Make an appointment or pass by and drop in on occasional opening hours. Drop in, sit down and enjoy my work, talk, or ask me about the courses and workshop I give. They are held at different locations in Sweden or abroad, on demands.

You can also buy my relaxing CD  with guided intermental training and special composed music reaching relaxation down to the cell levels and memories. The guidance is in Swedish but you will benefit anyway.


Are you interested in painting, drawing, participate in a workshop or rent a tiny space for your own artistic development?

In ten minutes walk you find the pond of waterlilies in Gothenburg, where you can sit down and take a rest or get inspired. If you want more action, need a place to eat, go to the concert hall, art museum, theaters or movies, you just walk another five minutes.

My Studio is located at a very calm street, not many cars passing, possible to let you work in a quiet and calm athmosphere. You will have access to toilet and basin, water heater, tee and instant coffee. No fridge and no possibility to heat up food. There are furniture to rest in our you borrow the yoga mat if you need to lay down and rest during your work.

If you are interested in having your own exhibition there might be a possibility to rent the studio as a gallery, a work spot occasionally or if you want to give a speech to a small group of people, there is a projector and a screen available to rent.

I would like to invite you to join one of my workshops.

They are usually on weekends. Or you could join a night class in drawing or painting (acrylic). All my courses are integrated with a touch of awareness and spirituality, leading towards enlightenment. We sometimes do guided meditations during classes. Why? it gives you access to your own creativity. And it will blow your mind out.

Looking forward to se you.



Rental costs for work spot;

300 sv kr per day

500 sv kr per two days

1000 sv  kr per week

Prefere if you avoid teqnique with strong smelling products.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Regards // Gaila